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Where Can I Get Practice Database (Mock Data)?

Updated: May 22, 2021

Where can i get practice database

Sometimes getting the right data in the right shape and structure for practice purposes can be a tedious process for many data users.

And this could just be a simple data set that you need for.

  • Training purpose – explaining certain concepts.

  • Creating specific dashboards for demo purposes.

  • For exam testing etc.

Getting such data can be extremely time consuming and therefore in this post am going to share with you one site you can rely most whenever you need some mock data.

And the name of the site is Mockaroo.

Mockaroo is simply a free test data generator and API mocking tool. It is a tool that lets you create custom CSV, JSON, SQL, and excel datasets to help you test and demonstrate your software.

My Case

In this case, I am going to use this site to help me generated some dummy data. And for this case, I need my data to have the following fields.

  • Id – Unique identifier of customers

  • First Name – Customer first name

  • Last Name – Customer last name

  • Transaction Date – Date when customer transacted.

  • Email – Email address of the customer

  • Gender – Gender of the customer

  • Amount – Amount transacted

On the site, have captured my field names, data type and options where needed as shown below.

(Simply use the drop down to select the data type for each field name)

On the last row of the page. I am going to specify the number of rows I need and the format before downloading the data.

Download the data.

Here is the snapshot of the data have downloaded.

How simple is that?

Next time you need some mock data, do not waste your time manually entering the data or searching in different open data platforms for a data that suites your purpose. Simply visit this site and generate your mock data fast and in the right shape and structure.

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Thank you for reading.


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