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Visualize Survey Data

Turn your survey data into insights through visual storytelling

Survey data is the resultant data that is collected from a sample of respondents that participated in a survey. This survey data contains valuable insights which remain hidden unless the data is properly analyzed and presented in visual stories. Rigor data solutions has the expertise to equip your team with the right skill, as well as help you design, build, and deploy visualizations for your survey data.

We help organizations develop a visual analytics strategy, build, and deploy visual stories that are engaging and insightful (turn data into actionable insights).


Data visualization is the practice of translating information into visual context such as a map or graph, to help make the data easier for human interpretation. And with data simplified in visual format, you can easily combine related information to create a survey dashboard – a tool that allows users explore, and filter survey items all in one location based on various demographic profiles.

With Tableau stories, you can create stories that tell a data narrative, provide context, demonstrate how decisions relate to outcomes, or simply make a compelling case using your survey data.

No need of PowerPoints anymore, take an interactive survey dashboard to your next meeting and present data like a pro.

Image by Adeolu Eletu

Visualize Survey Data

  • Get your survey data ready

  • Visualize demographic data

  • Visualize Yes/No data

  • Visualize single response data

  • Visualize multiple response data

  • Visualize Likert scale data

  • Net promoter score (NPS) analysis

  • and many more.....

Featured Resources

Explore additional resources that will help your organization unleash the full power of survey data, and drive change with data.


Ready To Transform How You Analyze Survey Data?

Our consultants are ready to help you design, build, and deploy actionable data visualization solutions, that will help your data consumers understand data like never before.

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