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A survey dashboard is a reporting tool that allows users to view and analyze the results of a survey in visual format. It typically displays a range of metrics, such as the demographic information, the number of responses to each survey question, and the average response to each question. Some survey dashboards may also include features such as text analysis, which can be used to identify common themes and patterns in open-ended responses. A survey dashboard can be a valuable tool for understanding the results of a survey and making data-driven decisions based on the feedback provided by respondents.

Dashboard In Summary

This dashboard is designed for executives or business teams to view and consume survey data – such as the demographic of respondents, analysis of the survey questions as well as the breakdown of the analysis by the demographic profiles.

The dashboard is divided into two tabs, ‘demographic dashboard’ - which visualizes the demographic profiles of respondents, and ‘survey dashboard’ which visualizes the survey questions. The survey dashboard tab has some additional objects (filters) – which allow users to breakdown the analysis by the demographic profiles.

We hope you found this dashboard example useful and inspiring. If you have any questions or need our team of Tableau experts to design dashboards for you, kindly drop us an email and we’ll reach out!

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