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An executive dashboard is a reporting tool that provides high-level, real-time information about a company's performance. It is typically used by executives and other senior managers to monitor key metrics and make data-driven decisions. An executive dashboard typically displays a range of metrics, such as sales, revenue, profit, customer satisfaction, employee engagement etc. An executive dashboard can be a valuable tool for tracking company's performance and identifying areas for improvement.

Dashboard In Summary

This executive dashboard explores the yearly performance of nine business KPIs namely, income, gross profit, net profit, operating profit, net profit margin (%), taxes, expenses, total operating expenses, and cost of goods sold – enabling business leaders measure performance as well as see the trend of metrics year-over-year.

For quick interpretation, the dashboard is coded into two colors – a ‘green’ color signifying an improvement in year's performance, and a ‘red’ color signifying deterioration in year's performance when compared to the prior year.

We hope you found this dashboard example useful and inspiring. If you have any questions or need our team of Tableau experts to design dashboards for you, kindly drop us an email and we’ll reach out!

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