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A call center dashboard is a reporting tool that allows managers and supervisors to monitor the performance of a call center. The dashboard typically displays a range of metrics, such as the number of incoming calls, the average wait time for calls, the number of calls handled by each agent, the average call duration etc. This information can help call center managers identify areas for improvement and ensure that calls are handled efficiently and effectively.

Dashboard In Summary

This dashboard is designed for a call center executive to monitor call center KPIs such as number of calls handled, average call duration, call abandonment rate, first response time (FRT), first call resolution rate (FCR), and customer satisfaction score (CSAT).

The dashboard is categorized into three sections namely.

Call Centre KPIs – a section that focuses on daily performance of the metrics, with an overall KPI showing the trend of metrics month-on-month.

Agent Analysis – a section that explores performance at agent level, enabling call center managers to measure performance of each agent based on different call center metrics.

Time Analysis – a section that explores peak hour traffic, enabling call center managers to track and prepare for busy periods.

To interact with the different sections, use navigation buttons at the top-right section of the dashboard.

We hope you found this dashboard example useful and inspiring. If you have any questions or need our team of Tableau experts to design dashboards for you, kindly drop us an email and we’ll reach out!

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