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A performance dashboard is a reporting tool that displays key metrics related to an individual's or a team's performance. It is typically used by managers and supervisors to monitor the progress of specific goals or objectives and make data-driven decisions. A performance dashboard may include metrics such as the number of tasks completed, the average time taken to complete tasks, and the overall productivity of the individual or team. A performance dashboard can be a valuable tool for tracking progress and identifying areas for improvement.

Dashboard In Summary

This dashboard is designed for managers and supervisors to track the performance of business metrics such as sales, profit, orders, days to ship orders, shipping costs, number of new customers, expenses, profit ratio and order value.

The dashboard tracks each metric’s month-to-date performance against the target – flagging metrics as either above the target, on target, or below the target.

The dashboard also has a date selector object (a parameter) enabling managers and supervisors to measure progress on a specific date and take the necessary steps.

We hope you found this dashboard example useful and inspiring. If you have any questions or need our team of Tableau experts to design dashboards for you, kindly drop us an email and we’ll reach out!

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