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Dashed and dotted lines in Tableau 2023.2

solid, dashed and dotted lines in Tableau 2023.2


Released in Tableau 2023.2, line pattern allows you to choose between solid, dashed, and dotted lines to represent your data. This feature comes in handy when you need to show actual values with projected values, or actual values with target values et cetera etcetera.

To add dotted or dashed lines in your visualizations.

Create a view, in this case a simple line chart by.

  • Add Order Date to the columns shelf.

  • Add SUM(Sales) to the rows shelf.

  • Chose Line under Marks card.

  • Under the Path shelf, choose line pattern – either, solid, dashed, or dotted.

changing line pattern in Tableau 2023.2

Note, using the same options in a dual-axis chart, you can build better views to compare different values such as actual and projected values as shown in the view below.

visualizing actual and projected values using a solid and a dashed/dotted line in tableau

(Note, actual values are represented by a solid line while projected values are represented by a dotted line)


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