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Copy-pasting in Tableau dashboards

Released in Tableau 2021.4, Tableau copy and paste feature allows users quickly and easily duplicate images, text boxes, web page objects and layout containers within the same and across different dashboards and workbooks in Tableau online, Tableau server and in Tableau Desktop - empowering users build customized dashboards faster by maintaining and replicating details of already formatted items.

How to do it!

Once you’ve created your dashboard, you can replicate objects used within the dashboard, such as the navigation object below, in other dashboards or workbooks, by simply copy pasting it rather than building it a fresh for every dashboard/workbook.

To do that, open the drop-down menu and choose ‘Copy Dashboard Item’

Copy-pasting dashboard objects in Tableau

And on your target location (in same or new dashboard or workbook), paste the dashboard object using the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+V).

(The above image shows the same navigation object, together with its formatting details copy-pasted in dashboard 2 from dashboard 1.).

This is a simple feature, yet powerful in saving a tone of time spend in formatting and replicating dashboards objects in same or across Tableau workbooks.

Thank you for reading.


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