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Call center dashboard example

call center dashboard example


A call center dashboard is a reporting tool that empowers businesses to track all their call center KPIs in a single location – enabling managers and teams to monitor and optimize performance.

Some of the common call center metrics include.

  • First contact resolution (FCR) – the number of calls resolved on the first attempt.

  • Customer satisfaction score (CSAT) – used to measure how satisfied customers are.

  • First response time (FRT) – the amount of time a customer must wait before connecting to a call center agent.

  • Number of calls – the total number of calls handled.

  • Average call length – the average length of calls in each period.

  • Abandonment rate – percentage of calls abandoned after being on hold for long.

  • Peak hour traffic – the time when the highest volumes of incoming traffic arrive etc.

Example of a call center dashboard

sample of call center dashboard

The first tab of this call center dashboard ‘Call Centre KPIs’ is focused on the daily performance - with an overall KPI showing the trend of metrics month-on-month for the six metrics with include, number of calls, average call length, call abandonment rate, first response time (FRT), first contact resolution (FCR) and customer satisfaction score (CSAT).

The second tab of the dashboard ‘Agent Analysis’ dives further into the analysis by showing the performance of each agent across the six metrics. With a simple way of ordering agents by a specific metric for quick interpretation.

The third and last tab of the dashboard ‘Time Analysis’, explores the peak hour traffic for the past eight months – enabling business executives to track and prepare for busy periods.

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