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Adding Annotations in Tableau

Annotations are simply extract information associated with a particular point in a document or graphical diagram. It can be a note that includes a comment or explanation. In Tableau, annotations act as call out to specific marks, points or area in a viz such as maps, scatter diagrams or even the simple line graph.

Types of annotations in Tableau

Point – this option is used to annotate a specific point in a graph.

Mark – this option adds an annotation that is associated with the selected mark.

Area - this option is used to annotate an area in a viz.

In this post, I will show you how to add a point annotation in a line chart, to inform my imaginary users why January 2017 was unprofitable for Superstores.

Build a simple line chart.

Identify the point you need to add context. Right click on it >> annotate >> Point…

On the Edit annotations dialogue box, provide the context to your chart.

Executing this and formatting my annotation I have.

Note: Same procedure applies when adding an area annotation to scatter diagrams.

In this case have added an area annotation to a scatter diagram to point out on unprofitable orders.

Note: You can edit, format or simply remove annotation by right clicking on it and choosing the appropriate action.

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