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3 ways to get started with Tableau for data visualization

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

In this video, we explore the various Tableau applications you can use to get started with Tableau for data visualization.

Tableau is one of the business intelligence (BI) tools in the market helping users quickly connect to data and build reports/dashboards in minutes.

To get started with Tableau, as a learner you need to have Tableau desktop, which exists in three versions;

Tableau Desktop Professional – This is the premium version of Tableau desktop, enabling users enjoy and explore the full features of the tool. To use this tool, you’ll need to buy it.

Tableau for Students – This is a one-year license access to Tableau desktop & Tableau prep to students at all accredited academic institutions around the world. All you need to do, is to fill an online form to confirm your eligibility for this one-year license.

Tableau Public – This a free version of Tableau desktop. Enabling users quickly connect to spreadsheet or file data and create interactive dashboards for the web.

You can download these apps using the links below.

With the right tool, you’re now set to learn this great tool and acquire the right skill for data analytics and visualization.

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