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Tableau export to excel

how to export data from tableau to excel

There are several ways you can export data in Tableau. You can export data in the Tableau data source i.e., including all or part of the records from the original data. Or you can export only portion of data used to generate a view.

Export data in the data source

After you establish your Tableau data source (i.e., after you join/union tables and make general customizations such as renaming fields, creating new calculated fields, pivoting fields, creating groups, applying data source or extract filters, etc.). You might want to share or reuse the data in its new form.

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You can do that by exporting the data in the data source.

And there are three ways you can export data from the Tableau data source to a CSV file.

On the Data Source Page, select data menu >> Export Data to CSV >> ‘Select file or table to export.’

exporting data from the data source page in tableau

On the data pane (sheet level), click the view data Icon and click Export All button.

exporting data on the Tableau data pane

On the data pane, right-click on the data source >> Export Data to CSV >> ‘Select file or table to export’.

Export data used in the view.

After you create your view, you can also export data used to generate the view.

Note, when you export data used in the view, the fields that are exported are the ones added into the shelves of the worksheet. If you want to include other fields with the exported ones - without changing the baseline of the view – you can do that by placing those fields on the detail shelf.

There are two ways you can export data used in the view.

Export data in the view to Microsoft Access.

To export data used in the view to Microsoft Access, go to the Worksheet menu >> Export >> Data…

exporting data in tableau to microsoft access

On the dialogue box, name your file and save it.

Export crosstab of data in the view to Microsoft Excel.

Go to Worksheet menu >> Export >> Crosstab to Excel.

exporting data in tableau as a crosstab to excel

When you export your view this way, Tableau automatically opens the excel application and pastes a crosstab version of the current view into the Excel workbook.

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