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Web Authoring in Tableau Public (Beta)

Updated: May 22, 2021

web authoring in tableau public

A few years ago, Tableau Public added some new features which included the ability to edit vizzes on your Tableau Public profile. Now an additional feature is here, (web authoring beta) which allows all Tableau Public users create vizzes directly in their browser.

So, now you can skip the installation process and create vizzes directly in your browser with web-authoring.

Try the new feature.

To try this new feature,

  • Sign-in to Tableau Public.

  • Navigate to your profile page by clicking on My Profile.

navigating to tableau public profile page

To start creating vizzes click on the new button “Create a Viz (Beta)”

create a viz (beta) in tableau public

Note: After clicking this button, Tableau opens a new workbook where you can connect to data either using the upload option or by dragging files to the canvas.

connecting data in tableau public web authoring

Once the data is uploaded, you can now create vizzes in the same interface you have used to.

creating vizzes with the new tableau public web authoring feature

Ready vizzes can be saved by going to the File menu >> Save As…

I hope this brief article was helpful to you.

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Thank you for reading.


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