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Tableau Tooltip

Tableau tooltip are details that appear when you hover (mouse over) your visualizations. Tooltip offer convenient tools to quickly filter data by either keeping or excluding a selection, group different selections, explain data and view the underlying data.

Example of a Tableau tooltip

Formatting tooltips

Anytime you create a view in Tableau, tooltips are added to the view automatically. However, you can customize/modify how your tooltip appears by going to the Tooltip shelf under Marks card.

Some of the customization you can configure include.

  • Changing font and font size

  • Changing color and aligning your tooltip details

  • Setting your tooltip to be shown either responsive or on hover.

  • Including or hiding command buttons

  • Using Insert menu at the top of the dialogue box to add dynamic text such as field values, sheet properties etc.

Viz in Tooltip

Viz in tooltip allows you reveal more details about data to your audience. Instead of showing text details under your tooltip – you embed a visualization. Such that, when a user hovers over a mark, the tooltip displays details from another visualization filtered to that mark.

Creating a viz in tooltip

To create a viz in tooltip you need the following.

  • Create visualization in the source worksheet. In this case I have created a ‘Map’ as my source worksheet.

  • Create visualization in the target worksheet. In this case I have created target worksheet showing Sales for different product Category.

  • Open the tooltip shelf on the source worksheet

  • Go to Insert menu >> Sheets >> ‘Category Performance’ (choose your target sheet)

Adding your target worksheet

Note: The default size of your viz in the tooltip is 300 by 300 pixels. However, you can manually change the maxwidth and maxheight values to resize your viz in tooltip. For my case, have used 500 by 500 pixels.

Executing this and hovering on the viz I have.

(Hovering on the viz now reveals a viz showing the Sales for different product Categories sold in different States)

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