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Tableau Legends per Measure (Separate Legends)

Updated: May 18, 2021

Introduced in Tableau 10.2, legend per measure allows users apply different color legends for highlight tables with multiple measures

Above is an example highlight table with multiple measures – using color to interpret these multiple measures can mislead users as higher values such as Sales can falsify the significance of measures with smaller values such as Discounts and Quantity.

In such cases, legend per measure can help you tell a better story by applying color legend at measure level rather than at global level.

To demonstrate this – let’s, first create a highlight table using dimension Category & Sub-Category with measures Profit, Sales, Quantity & Discount from the Superstores data set.

Creating a highlight table in Tableau

  • Drag dimension Category and Sub-Category to the rows shelf

  • Add measures Profit, Sales, Quantity & Discount to the label shelf

  • Choose text tables under Show Me tab

  • Change marks card from Automatic to Square

  • Drag Measure Values to the color shelf

To enable legend per measure, under Measure Values choose ‘Use Separate Legends

Executing this and editing the legends for each measure we’ve;

This is not the best way to present this data, but when unavoidable – this technique can help you bypass the challenge of having measures with higher values falsifying the significance of measures with smaller values.

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