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Tableau image role (adding web images to worksheets)

Tableau image role introduced in Tableau 2022.4


Tableau image role (introduced in Tableau 2022.4) allows you to bring image assets into your Tableau dashboards. With this new feature, you can map images to links in your data and encode them into exportable rows and columns.

To demonstrate this, I have created this dummy data.

sample data

(This data contains a country, population numbers, and links to each country’s flag icon (extracted from Flaticon website))

The goal here is to demonstrate how you can use image role - to import image assets into your dashboards via links.

Create a view

Create a view by adding Country and Flag link (image link) to the rows shelf. Add population to the columns shelf and sort the view.

On the data pane, assign the field Flag link (image link) an image role as URL, as shown below.

assigning a field an image role in Tableau

Notice once you assign an image role, Tableau automatically maps the images to the respective links on the view.

See below.

adding images to tableau dashboards in tableau 2022.4

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