• Bernard

Tableau Generated Fields

Updated: May 14

In this post, we’ll briefly explore what generated fields are in Tableau. Anytime you connect data in Tableau, you’ll note several fields which are not part of the underlying data present in your Tableau data source on the data pane – these fields are what we call Tableau generated fields (automatically generated fields).

They include;

Number of Records

Number of records is a calculated field which contains value as 1. It is associated with every record in your data source. When added to the rows or columns shelves it returns the total number of records in your data source.

Measure Names

Measure names field contains the names of all measures in the data source, collected into a single field with discrete values. Measure names are located at the bottom of dimension area.

Measure Values

Measure values field contains all measures in your data source, collected into a single field with continuous values. Measure values are located at the bottom of measure area.

Latitude (generated) & Longitude (generated)

Anytime you assign a geographic role to a field, Tableau adds two fields on the measure area namely; Latitude (generated) and Longitude (generated).

These fields contain the latitude and longitude values and are assigned the Latitude and Longitude geographic roles. Used to create a map view.

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