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Tableau File Types

In Tableau different file types denote different saved works such as workbooks, bookmarks, data extracts, data connection files and packaged data files.

In this post, I’ll share with you Tableau files you should be aware of and how you create them;

Wookbook (.twb) – Files with extension .twb are Tableau workbooks. To open such a workbook a user MUST have the original data source used in creating the workbook.

To save Tableau workbook as .twb, go to File menu>>Save As… and choose Tableau Workbook (.twb)

Packaged Workbook (.twbx) – Tableau packaged workbooks have the file extension .twbx. Packaged workbook contains the workbook together with data files and background images. This is the best format to share work with users who do not have access to the original data.

To package workbook, go to File>>Save As… and chose Tableau Packaged Workbook (.twbx)

Bookmark (.tbm) – Tableau bookmark files have the file extension .tbm. Bookmark is a snapshot of a worksheet that can be accessed from any workbook from the bookmark menu. Useful when you have a worksheet that you use frequently.

To bookmark a worksheet select Window menu >> Bookmark >> Create Bookmark…

Extract (.tde or .hyper) – Depending with the version of Tableau Desktop, Tableau extract files can either have .hyper or .tde file extension. When you extract data using Tableau 10.4 or older versions you get a Tableau extract with .tde file extension while extracting data in Tableau 10.5 to the current version you get a Tableau extract with file extension .hyper. Extracts are useful when you need to work offline or improve performance of your queries.

To extract data in Tableau, while on the data source page chose your connection as an extract >> Go to Worksheet to extract your data >> then save.

Option II

While on data pane, Right click on Data source >> Extract Data…

Data source (.tds) – Tableau data source files have the file extension .tds. Tableau data source files contains information necessary to connect the actual data as well as modification made on the data such as changing default properties, creating calculated fields etc.

To create Tableau data source, while on Data pane. Right click on the data source >> Add to Saved Data Sources…, on the dialogue box, Name your file and choose Tableau Data Source (.tds) under Save as Type.

Packaged Data Source (.tdsx) – Tableau packaged data source files have the extension .tdsx. These file contain the data source file (.tds) as well as the local file data. Most appropriate way to share files with others who may not have access to original data stored in your local computer.

To package data source, while on the Data pane, right click on the data source >> Add to Saved Data Sources…., on the dialogue box, Name your file and choose Tableau Packaged Data Source (.tsdx)

I hope this was helpful to you

Thank you for reading.


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