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Tableau’s DATEADD () Function

dateadd function in tableau


DATEADD () is a Tableau function that adds an increment to a specific date returning a new date. The increment is defined by the interval and the date_part.


DATEADD (date_part, interval, date)


DATEADD (‘day’, 5, #2023-01-20#) = #2023-01-25#

Where date_part=’day’, interval=5

(The above function adds 5 days to the date returning #2023-01-25#)

The date_part is a string and can take any of the following.

  • ‘second’ – ‘0-59’

  • ‘minute’ – ‘0-59’

  • ‘hour’ – ‘0-23’

  • ‘day’ – ‘1-31’

  • ‘weekday’ – ‘1-7’

  • ‘dayofyear’ – ‘1-366’

  • ‘week’ – ‘1-53’

  • ‘month’ – ‘1-12’

  • ‘quarter’ – ‘1-4’

  • ‘year’ – e.g., 2023

  • ‘iso-weekday’ – ‘1-7’

  • ‘iso-week’ – ‘1-53’

  • ‘iso-quarter’ – ‘1-4’

  • ‘iso-year’ – e.g., 2023

The interval is an integer which can take both positive (+ve) and negative (-ve) values.

For example, to subtract 2 months from a date field, one can use the following calculation.

DATEADD (‘month’, -2, #2023-02-09#) = #2022-12-09#

(Which subtracts 2 months from the current date returning #2022-12-09#)

Dynamic DATEADD () Function with Tableau parameters

Sometimes you can make your DATEADD calculations dynamic by simply using a parameter.

To do that, create a string parameter that contains the date_parts to be applied in the calculation.

String parameter in Tableau

Next, add this parameter ‘Select date_part’ on the date_part section of your DATEADD calculation as shown below.

dynamically computing dateadd function using tableau parameter

With this calculation you can compute the ‘New Order Date’ by adding an increment of 2 units of the selected date_part on your parameter.

Note, you can also use an integer parameter to adjust the interval dynamically.


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