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Tableau Action Filters

Updated: May 18, 2021

Tableau action filters send information between worksheets. Basically, when you select marks from a certain worksheet, such information is send to other worksheets – hence showing the related information. Behind the scenes, action filters sends data values from the relevant source fields as filters to the target worksheet.

Here is an example of action filter;

(By selecting on various views in the dashboard am able to filter (change data in) other views)

How do you create an action filter?

The simplest way to add an action filter in Tableau dashboards in by selecting ‘Use as Filter’ icon on every view you need to use filtering other views.

Note: This option filters all views within the dashboards (hence not adequate especially when you need to filter specific views within your dashboard).

Gain more control with your action filters

You can gain more control of how action filters are executed using ‘Action…’ option under dashboard menu.

While on the dashboard you need to add action filters select dashboard menu >> Actions…

On the pop-up dialogue box select Add Action >> Filter…

Set your action filters in the following;

  • Select your source sheets

  • Select what action triggers the filter (is it through selecting, hovering or through a menu?)

  • Select your target sheets

  • Select what happens when you clear the selection

(In this case, I used all my worksheets as the source sheet, with only three sheets; Age, Gender & Setting as the target sheets - implying the LSM and Countries sheets are not filtered at all by any worksheet. The action filter here is triggered by selecting the views - while clearing the view shows all values )

See the results

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Thank you for reading.


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