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Tableau 2021.2 New Features

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Tableau 2021.2 new features

The release of Tableau 2021.2 brought new and improved ways of interacting with data – enabling organizations make data accessible to everyone irrespective of their technical know-how. These features include,

  • A new experience for Ask Data and Explain Data – enabling everyone ask relevant questions on their data using natural language.

  • A new way to organize content on Tableau Server and Tableau Online using collections.

  • A new ‘Connect to Salesforce data’ tab integrated on Tableau Online - empowering users explore Salesforce data with pre-built dashboards in Tableau.

  • A seamless transition from web authoring to Tableau Desktop.

  • Additional features to your geospatial toolkit.

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Ask Data

Ask Data lets users type a question using common language and instantly get a response right in Tableau.

Tableau Ask Data

In Tableau 2021.2, this feature gets redesigned for business users – with.

Dashboard integration - Ask data finds its way to Tableau Dashboards, with now a new Ask Data dashboard object so users can seamlessly embed Ask Data in Tableau dashboards.

Tableau Ask Data object for dashboards

Entity Search – a new search experience that makes it easier for users to explore what is in their data, especially when one is not familiar with the data source – gaining some ideas on the kind of questions can be asked.

Ask Data Lenses – Lenses are a new content type that makes it easy to curate existing data sources for Ask Data - enabling creators create better, curated experiences of Ask Data for others such as hiding unnecessary fields, adding synonyms, and creating custom vizzes – so users can ask question on the most trusted and curated data source.

Explain Data for viewers

Explain Data makes it easier for anyone to explore and interact with data. In Tableau 2021.2, Explain Data feature – gets a reimagined user interface optimized for deeper exploration and a wider business audience – with now being available for viewers.

So, what happens is - when you select a mark in Tableau and run Explain Data – Tableau proposes possible explanations for that mark based on statistical models.

Tableau explain data feature


Collections are a new way to gather content from across your site on Tableau Online or Tableau Server and organize it in more usable ways. Collections can contain items that span different projects and workbooks – allowing you to reuse content in multiple contexts without additional storage or resources. Its an easy way to organize and share content around key topics such as curated resources for onboarding marketing team etc.

Tableau collections

Connect to Salesforce data

Tableau 2021.2 integrates connect to Salesforce data tab on Tableau Online – enabling users connect to their Salesforce data and explore data with pre-built Tableau dashboards.

Connect to salesforce data tab for Tableau online

Connect Desktop from web authoring.

With Tableau 2021.2, creators can seamlessly transition from web authoring to Tableau Desktop with a click of a button. Start your workflows in web authoring and choose to transition to Desktop at any point in your analysis - without having to download the workbook locally to your computer. And when you are done simply save back to Tableau Online or Tableau Server.

connect to desktop from web authoring button

Area spatial calculation + Map layer control

With Tableau 2021.2, you now measure the square area of your selection on a map in units that you specify. As well as use map layer control which allows you to control the visibility and interactivity of marks layers without editing the workbook.

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