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Updated: May 22, 2021

Tableau parameters allow developers gain more control in dashboard development– be it in working with reference lines, sets, calculated fields, table calculation or even filtering across data sources.

Previously Tableau parameters have been fixed, meaning they could not get updated with new data when data is refreshed. (Making work more cumbersome for developers – which have to rebuild the parameters anytime data is update.) With the launch of Tableau 2020.1, parameters became dynamic – meaning they will update automatically with the new data anytime someone opens the workbook.

How do I set them?

Previously – this is how a parameter interface looked like.

(Anytime the date field gets updated with the new data, these parameter fields never update until you manual intervene)

But, with the dynamic parameters – things get different

(You not only have the fixed parameter option, but also an option to lock your parameter to a particular field so to get it updated with the most current data anytime someone opens the workbook)

More options like setting the current parameter value can be done at server level.

In this case, I have set the current parameter value to be the ‘Most recent date’ which is the following calculation looking for the MAX date in the whole data source.


(With all these set, anytime your data is updated – your parameter is updated too during the opening of the workbook – with the current value being the most recent date)

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