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Selective replacing of data sources in Tableau 2022.4

replacing data sources in Tableau 2022.4


Introduced in Tableau 2022.4, selective replacing of data sources allows you to replace data source on a selected worksheet in your workbook rather than replacing all worksheets and dashboards in your workbook.

When you replace data source – Tableau simply redirects all fields used in the data source and maps them to the corresponding fields in the new data source.

You can read more about replacing data sources in Tableau

In Tableau 2022.4 onward, replacing data source dialogue box has an additional checkbox that allows you to customize how you would like to replace your Tableau data source –> you can replace the data source in the current worksheet only or in the entire workbook.

To replace data source >> Go to >> Data menu >> Replace Data Source…

Alternatively, Right-click on data connection on the data pane >> Replace Data Source….

replace data source dialogue box in Tableau 2022.4

(On the dialogue box – see above, choose the current data and replacement, and check the box ‘Replace current worksheet only’ if you wish to replace data source on a single worksheet – if your goal is to replace data source in the entire workbook leave this checkbox unchecked)

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