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Saving Workbooks Locally with Tableau Desktop Public Edition

local file save with tableau desktop public edition

Available now in the Tableau Desktop Public Edition 2024.1.2, with this version you can.

  • Save workbooks in your local machine.

  • Visualize both public and private data.

  • Create and save workbooks – without the need of the internet.

  • Benefit from the auto-save feature.

  • Refine and perfect your visualizations privately before sharing with the world.

To save your workbook locally on your machine with Tableau Desktop Public Edition.

  • Go to the File menu.

  • Use the Save or Save As… options to save your workbook.

saving files locally with tableau desktop public edition

Choose your file location and file type (.twb or .twbx) and save your workbook.

different file types you can save with tableau desktop public edition in your desktop

Note: Clicking on the Save button on the toolbar prompts you to save your workbook in the Tableau Public Server.

saving files to tableau public server with Tableau desktop public edition

By Tableau addressing this common request from Tableau Public users who wanted the ability to save workbooks locally – brings the much-needed flexibility and control over one’s work, making Tableau Desktop Public Edition more appealing to users who want to work with private data or offline.

Note Tableau Desktop Public Edition has its limitations such.

  • Limited data source connectors – you can only connect to local data sources such as Excel, text files, Google Sheets etc. Note, server connectors are limited.

  • You cannot save workbooks in the Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud etc.


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