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Month to Date (MTD) Vs Previous Month to Date (PMTD)

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

MTD – Month to date is the period starting from at the beginning of the current calendar month and ending at the current date.


PMTD – Previous month to date is the period starting from the beginning of last calendar month and ending at the current day of last month.

So, how do I compute MTD and PMTD in Tableau?

In this post, I will share several formulas you can use to compute MTD Sales and PMTD Sales.

Computing MTD Sales

Assuming data updates daily, these calculations can also be recalculated by simply replacing TODAY() with maximum order date which is calculated as follows;

Computing PMTD Sales

The same calculations for PMTD above, can also be achieved by replacing TODAY() with {MAX([order date])}

I know one of the above calculations will serve your purpose in computing MTD and PMTD respectively.

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