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Labelling line ends in Tableau

labelling line ends in tableau

When you create views in Tableau, you can add labels (show mark labels) to your views either by clicking on the show mark label option on the toolbar (T), or by dragging the respective fields to the label shelf.

In most cases when you do that, Tableau places the labels at the end of the view (like in the case of the bar chart below).

However, you can use the alignment options under the label shelf - to change the position, as well as the orientation of your labels (based on the orientation of your view) to suit your needs.

See below some of the ways you can present your labels.

different ways of labelling views in tableau

Labelling line ends

When you create views such as a line chart, you’ll notice that the sub-menu under label shelf (specifically Marks to Label) provides additional options for customizing your labels such as.

  • Min/Max option – which displays the maximum and minimum value in your view.

  • Selected option - which displays the labels for the selected data points on the view.

  • Highlighted option – which displays the labels for highlighted sections of the view.

  • Most recent option – which displays the label for the most recent data point on your view.

  • All – which displays all labels in the view.

  • Line Ends option – which displays the labels on both ends of your view.

(Notice when you use Line End option – additional options appear for further customization of your labels)

For example, using the Line Ends option - will label this view on both ends.

labelling line chart on both ends in tableau

Note, the same technique applies when creating vizzes such as a Slope chart, and a Bump chart as shown in the view below.

Sample Slope chart labelled on both ends.

example of slope chart labelled on both ends in tableau

Sample Bump chart labelled on both ends (indicating the Rank of product Category in Sales - for the first and last month of the view)

example of bump chart labelled on both ends in tableau

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Thank you for reading.


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