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How to Create Cross tab (Text tables) in Tableau

Updated: May 17, 2021

Cross tab also known as text table is useful when presenting data in textual format. You can build this viz using one or more dimension fields against one or more measure fields.

Using Superstores data set, I will show you how to create a text table in Tableau. I will be using dimension Order Date and Region with measure field Profit.

Building the view

  • Drag dimension field Order Date to the rows shelf

  • Drag dimension field Region to the columns shelf

  • Drag measure field Profit to the text tab (measure aggregated as SUM())

Each cell in the table displays sum of Profit for a particular Year and Region.

Since the dimension field Order Date is a hierarchy field, you can drill it further down by clicking the (+) sign on the shelf or view.

Adding measure field Profit to the color shelf helps spot Regions’ made losses in certain periods.

You can order your data by sorting the view on the headers. In this case have sorted the data in descending order by Profit broken down by Central Region.

Add row and column grand Totals to show the cumulative effect. Go to Analysis menu > Totals > Show Row/Column Grand Totals

Choosing Square under marks card converts the text table to a Highlight table.

I hope this will guide you through when working on a text table for your next project.

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