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How to create a quadrant chart in Tableau

Tableau quadrant chart

Quadrant chart is a scatter plot that is divided into four sections. Useful when plotting data that has high-volume of different results. By visually representing data in separate quadrants, you can easily spot items that share common characteristics and attributes.

A good example of a quadrant chart is in the Gartner’s magic quadrant for analytics and business intelligence platforms report. In this report, vendors are divided into four quadrants: Niche players, visionaries, challengers, and leaders. Enabling users quickly spot providers with same attributes.

gartner magic quadrant 2020 for analytics and business intelligence platforms

How do I create a quadrant chart in Tableau?

To create quadrant chart in Tableau, you will need a scatter plot, parameter, reference line and a calculated field.

In this article, using Superstore data set, we are going to create a quadrant chart using State, Discount and Quantity.

Creating a scatter plot

  • Drag Discount to the columns shelf

  • Drag Quantity to the rows shelf

  • Drag State to the detail shelf

scatter plot in tableau

Creating two parameters

These two parameters will be useful when dividing our scatter plot above into four quadrants.

To create a parameter, right click any where on the dimension or measure area >> create >>parameter….

Parameter – discount

tableau parameter

Parameter – quantity

Add reference lines

To add reference lines, right click on the axis Quantity >> Add Reference Line

adding reference lines in tableau
  • Under line, select value as ‘Parameter – quantity’

  • Under formatting, chose a continuous bold line

Repeat the same for the axis Discount, as shown below.

Adding the reference lines gives us.

quadrant chart in tableau

Add a calculated field to color code States on the same quadrant

Create the calculated field below,

tableau calculated field

Color code the quadrant by dragging the calculated field ‘Quadrant’ to the color shelf or Shape.

Tableau quadrant chart

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Thank you for reading.


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