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How to create a progress bar chart in Tableau

progress bar chart in tableau


In one of the previous articles, I demonstrated how to create a progress doughnut chart in Tableau to visualize the percent of completion on a single metric.

Read the article here.

In this article, I’ll use the same data to demonstrate how to visualize progress using a bar chart instead of a donut chart.

Sample data

sample data

(Note, unlike in the case of progress donut chart – in this case we don’t need the Gap values which is the distance between the achieved value and 100% mark)

Let’s build the view (Option 1)

Once you connect the sample data, first create a calculated field which returns the maximum achievable value in this case 100% as shown below.

calculated field returning the maximum achievable value


  • Drag the dimension Project Task to the rows shelf.

  • Drag the SUM(% Complete) to the columns shelf.

  • Drag the AVG(Maximum value (100%)) to the columns shelf.

dual chart
  • Make the chart dual axis and synchronize the axis.

  • Format the axis/values to percent.

  • Customize the color of the respective charts (make the 100% chart lighter with a border, and the % complete chart make the color more intense).

  • Label the % complete chart.

progress bar chart option 1

Option 2

Repeat the same procedure above, but now in this case make the ‘% Complete’ chart thicker than the ‘100% chart’ by simply adjusting the size.

Resulting to.

progress bar chart option 2

Option 3

Or you can repeat the same procedure, then make the ‘100% chart’ thicker and the ‘% Complete’ chart thinner by simply adjusting the respective sizes.

Resulting to.

progress bar chart option 3


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