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How do I clear a worksheet or make a copy?

Updated: May 22, 2021

In dashboarding, simple things like clearing views (when you need to recreate a new one) or duplicating views (when you need to use a view as a building block for the next one) come in handy. And therefore, in this post I am going to show you the quickest way to clear and duplicate (make a copy) views in Tableau.

Clearing a view.

There are several ways to clear a view in Tableau.

  • While on the worksheet (view) you would like to clear.

  • Go to the Worksheet menu >> Clear >> Sheet.

clearing a view in tableau from the worksheet menu
  • While on the worksheet (view) you would like to clear.

  • Select ‘Clear Sheet’ shortcut on the toolbar.

clearing a view from the toolbar

You can also clear worksheet (view) by pressing (Alt+Shift+Backspace) on the keyboard.

Duplicating a view.

There are several ways to duplicate a view (make a copy) in Tableau.

  • Right click on the worksheet name.

  • And select ‘Duplicate’.

duplicating a view in tableau

Alternatively, you can select ‘Duplicate’ on the toolbar.

duplicating a view from the toolbar

Note: You can duplicate your view as a crosstab by,

  1. Right-clicking on the worksheet name >> Duplicate as Crosstab or

  2. Go to the Worksheet menu >> Duplicate as Crosstab.

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