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Embedding Webpages in Tableau Dashboards (Opening URL Actions inside Your Dashboards)

Updated: May 18, 2021

In this short post, I would like to explore how to embed webpages in your Tableau dashboards. This subject reminds me of a project I worked on in the year 2017. In this project, we were tasked to collect data (both raw and videos) and deliver an interactive report where by users can drill-down the reports to different workstations, view the report and watch a short video regarding the workstation.

To make this possible, we hosted the videos in a video platform and using the video URL’s embedded them in the dashboard where main analysis was done – so users could consume the report in a single view.

Therefore in this case, am going use samples of videos from our YouTube channel to show you how to embed them in a Tableau dashboard.

(The data shows the ‘Video Name’, ‘No of views’& the ‘Video Embed Code’)

(Note when you copy the video embed code, you’ll be presented with a long URL shown below which can be truncated to only the highlighted section – basically what have used in the above sample data).

Creating a basic bar chart in the following;

  • Drag dimension Video to the rows shelf

  • Drag measure No. of Views to the column shelf

  • Sort the view in descending order by Sum of the No. of Views.

  • Drag the dimension field Video Embed Code to the detail shelf (We add this field to the detail shelf so it can be populated in the dashboard when setting the URL actions)

Opening a new dashboard tab – setting dashboard layout

  • Setting the dashboards size as 1200x628 (you can choose your preferred size)

  • Select ‘Floating’ and divide the view into two sections, one section will show the chart while the other will show the video.

(You can divide your view by dragging the Vertical object to the view, and resize accordingly)

Select ‘Tiled’ and drag the chart to its section and set it to fit entire view – next drag the object ‘Web Page’ to the section where the video will appear and click Ok.

Setting the URL action through the guide below

Executing this embeds the videos directly on the dashboard. Clicking on the video title (under the bar chart) loads the video in the play section.

See the actual dashboard embedded below;

I hope this post was helpful to you. To receive more of the Tableau tips and tricks, kindly subscribe to our mailing list and be the first to know.

Thank you.


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