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Display Grand Totals and Subtotals in Tableau

In this post, you will learn how to add grand totals and subtotals in Tableau.

To show this, lets first create a view (table) showing Sales for different Regions and Segments in different Years

To add grand totals and subtotals.

Go to Analysis menu >> Totals >> and chose grand totals and subtotals respectively

You can customize how these grand totals and sub-totals are computed by going to Total All Using in the same menu

By default, grand totals and subtotals are displayed at the bottom or right of the table, you can move them to the top or left by;

Right clicking on Grand total or Subtotal on the table and choose Column Totals to Top or Row Totals to Left

Alternatively, go to the Analysis menu >> Totals >> Column Totals to Top or Row Totals to Left

Resulting table after some quick formatting.

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