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Customizing Tableau Quick Filters

Updated: May 22, 2021

customizing tableau quick filters

When you add filters to Tableau views, the filters are added based on the default settings which in most case will not suit the goal of every project you’re handling. Therefore, in this article am going to share several ways you can customize Tableau filters.

‘Showing All values’ & ‘Showing Apply Button.’

These two can be enabled on the filters drop down menu under customize.

showing all values and apply button in tableau filters

So, with these options you can customize your filters by hiding/showing ‘All values’ and the ‘Apply button’.

Note, the apply button will be highly needed when dealing with large data source with lots of members for dimensions used as a filter.

Customizing filter dropdown list.

Whether you would like to have your filter values as a.

  • Single value (list)

  • Single value (dropdown)

  • Single value (slider)

  • Multiple values (list)

  • Multiple values (dropdown)

  • Multiple values (custom list)

  • Wildcard match

All these options are available under the filter drop down menu.

Tableau filter dropdown options

Showing less values on a filter.

Sometimes you need your filters to populate members of the parent filter applied instead of populating all members in the data source. For example, in this case I may need the filter ‘State’ to populate the states belonging to the current region selection i.e., East instead of populating all states in the country.

Showing less values in Tableau quick filters

To enable that, under the filters drop down menu, I will select ‘Only Relevant Values’ or ‘All Values in Hierarchy’.

All values in hierarchy in Tableau

Executing this we’ve.

showing only relevant values in tableau

Other customizations

Other customizations you can make on top of your Tableau quick filters include,

  • Setting your filter to be applied by including or excluding values.

  • Hiding filter card.

  • Selecting which other worksheets the filter will be applied to.

including/excluding values in tableau filters

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Thank you for reading.


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