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Adding Images and Links in Tableau Dashboards

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Adding images and links in Tableau dashboards

There are several ways to add images in Tableau dashboards. In this short post I will explore how to use Image object under dashboard tab to add images.

We use images in several occasions;

  • When designing dashboards in line with organization theme (In that case, you can add images related e.g. logos etc)

  • You can use images to act as hyperlinks to external content.

  • You can use images as marks to filter/drill other sections of your report etc.

Image Object

The image object is located under dashboards tab – right under objects.

To add images in your dashboard, you can either double click or drag image object to the dashboard space.

By doing so, you’ll get a dialogue box which you can use to do the following;

  • Choose your image – could be a logo etc.

  • Select how the image is applied – you can fit or center the image

  • Add a URL – useful when you need link your images to external content.

Note: This is the same technique used to add images in this dashboard on Africa population growth projection. Some of these images have URLs to direct users to the various sources used in the dashboard.

You can interact with the dashboard here.

Adding images as marks to filter other sections of your report.

A very good example of this technique is in the example below on energy source in Kenya – where you can filter the view by simply clicking on the images.

You can interact with the dashboard here.

In this case, images have been added as sheets using the shape mark type.

You can learn more on how to add custom shapes and icons in your Tableau reports in the link below;

I believe the ideas shared here will help you transform your dashboards designing process.

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Thank you for reading!

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