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Adding divider line to your Tableau dashboard

Adding divider lines in tableau dashboards

How do you add divider lines to your dashboards as a way of customizing how your visualizations appear to the end users?

It could be something simple - like the view below, where different sections of the visualization have been separated by a line divider.

sample dashboard with divider lines in tableau

So, how can you add divider lines in Tableau?

First, Tableau doesn’t have inbuild options for drawing lines in your dashboard. Which means you can either use other options such as.

  • Create an image of a line then insert it as an image object (which is time involving as you’ll be moving outside Tableau, as well as you’ll need to create different line images based on how you want to place the line) – so, let’s drop this option.

  • Use layout containers – by customizing them, using color, and resizing them to create an object like a line within your dashboards (which is the simplest and most recommended way of adding dividers in your dashboard)

So, how do you do this?

Assuming this is your dashboard.

You can add your divider as illustrated below.

Which can be described as.

  • Float a vertical or horizontal layout container to your dashboard

  • Change the color of the layout container – to that of the line.

  • Resize the layout container to a line

Repeat the same technique to add more dividers to your dashboard.

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Thank you for reading.


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