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Add Filters Extension in Tableau

Add filters extension in Tableau


The add filters extension lets dashboard authors customize which filters are visible on a dashboard. Empowering dashboard users customize their dashboard by adding filters that meet specific business needs.

Add filters is simply an object that dashboard authors add to their dashboards – which opens up this new capability for dashboard users to decide which filters best suit their business needs.

Adding Filters Extension Object

Once you’ve fully designed your dashboard with all the filters. Drag the Extension object to the view to access all the available extensions directly in your Tableau Desktop.

Tableau dashboard extension object

On the pop-up box, select Add Filters Extension.

Add filters extension object

Next, select Add to Dashboard.

Double-click on the now added object - to configure the filters visible on the dashboard.

With now the filter extension object - dashboard users can selectively decide which filters or dashboard worksheets, should be visible within their dashboard – by simply checking the checkboxes or configure new items as required by the business.

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