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Actual vs Target Charts in Tableau

actual vs target charts in tableau

These are the kind of charts you can use when comparing actual against the target performance. Particularly in this case, I have shared how you can compare three metrics at ago.

Whereby the metrics are as follows.

Mtd target – the month to date target (what should be achieved by the current date)

Mtd actual – the month to date actual (what has been achieved by the current date)

Monthly target – the target of month.

(Cumulatively, Mtd target should be equal to Monthly target)

Example of Actual versus Target charts

example of actual versus target charts in tableau

Access the dashboard through this link!

A good example on how you can leverage some of the charts shared here, is this Performance Dashboard, which combines a bullet chart and other elements to compare the performance of these nine KPIs.

performance dashboard in tableau comparing actual against target performance

Access the dashboard through this link!


So, next time you need to compare 3 metrics at ago, try some of these charts shared in this article.

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