• Bernard

Tableau tips: Set actions - Proportional brushing

In the previous article on proportional brushing, we explored on how to use Level of details (LOD) to enable use of a dimension field to highlight proportion of dimension fields’ member on another chart.

Helpful: Using LOD to enable proportion brushing

In today’s article, we take a different approach for the same results. We’ll be using the newly introduced feature in Tableau 2018.3 called set action.

Helpful: Learn requirements for creating a set action

Once connected to the Superstores data sets.

Step 1: Create view of Sales by Region

Drag dimension field Region to the rows shelf

Drag measure field Sales to the columns shelf

Step 2: Create a set using dimension Region

Step 3: Create view of Sales by Sub-Category

Drag dimension field Sub-Category to the rows shelf

Drag Measure field Sales to the columns shelf

Drag the set created above - Region set - to the color shelf

Add dimension field Region to the details shelf

Step 4: Create a dashboard containing the two views above.

Step 5: Add a set action

Under the dashboard menu >> select >>Actions….

Under Add Action choose >> Change Set Values…

Under Add Set Action menu

Select Source sheetSheet 1 for my case – Region view

Run action – Action runs on hovering

Data sourceSample Superstore

Target setRegion set

Behavior on clearing selection – Keep set values

Executing this we’ve

You will agree with me that this view doesn’t differ significantly from the results of the previous article.

I hope was helpful to you.