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Why visualize data?

Here is why data visualization is important for your organization.
1. Helps absorb information quickly
A picture is worth 60,000 words. In other words, the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text.
2. Helps understand the next steps
From these visuals’ trends, understanding the next steps becomes easy, with minimal time and energy dedicated to data analysis. This saves hours lost in looking at thousands of puzzle pieces.
3. Helps grab attention of the user
Data visualization relays message quickly, before the user loses interest. This is important when sharing information in a society filled with shorter attention span.
5. Simplifies sharing of insights
Data visualization makes data more shareable. Giving developers different options to share insights quickly depending by users’ needs.
4. Helps connect the dots
Data visualization does not just show trends and patterns. It also brings correlations and relationships between business conditions into focus.
6. Minimize the need for data scientist
Data visualization makes data more accessible and less confusing. With most of modern data visualization tools easy to use, now, marketers, sales teams and finance teams can now connect and query data set from where it sits, unlike in the past where data analysis was reserved for the IT teams.
7. Spot outliers and memorize important insights
With data visualization, outliers which tend to drag analysis in the wrong direction can be spotted easily. Data visualization also helps users commit important concepts to memory easily.
8. Helps user act on the findings quickly
Decision making becomes faster with data visualization. It enables users quickly review strategies, make updates efficiently and achieve success with few mistakes and greater speed.

Take your data visualization skills to the next level

Top 35 Data Visualization Widgets 

  1. Explore different charts & graphs for visualizing data
  2. Explore best practices for data visualizations
  3. Transform your data storytelling