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How to Connect Data Sources in Tableau

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

In this video, Bernard explores the various ways you can connect data to Tableau. Before you can build your view and analyze your data, you MUST first connect Tableau to your data.

With Tableau you can quickly and easily connect to a large variety of data sources stored in various locations; be it in your local computer or in your organizations on-premise or on-cloud database.

This short video, explores in a practical way how to connect data in Tableau;

  • Using Tableau native connectors.

  • Copying and pasting data using the clipboard.


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Bernard K

Analytics Consultant | 3X Tableau Certified

Bernard is a data analytics consultant helping businesses reveal the true power of their data and bring clarity to their reporting dashboards. He loves building things and sharing knowledge on how to build dashboards that drive better outcomes.

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