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See the impact  of data visualization in insight consumption

It's with no doubt data plays a critical role in the modern business, and many organizations are in the rush to launch different analytical projects to support their data demands. However, before commissioning any data analytics project, its good to ask yourself the following;

  1. Do I just need insights? or

  2. Do I need interpretable and actionable insights?

This section, helps you evaluate the role of data visualizations in insight consumption.

To put this to test, we've presented below different data sets to show you how data visualization impacts interpretation of insights.

How many letter 'S' can you see in the puzzle?


Interpretation is much faster when we can 'see' data.

Which product Sub-Category is making losses and in which Region?


Interpretation is much faster when we can 'see' data.


Which was the most filed complain by visitors through the complain box?


Interpretation is much faster when we can 'See' the data.

These are just few examples built using simple data; it's evidently adding some visual cues improves significantly the speed of interpreting data. 

Imagine the impact with your complex data!!!! 

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