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World class curriculum

We've intensively invested our efforts and expertise to come up with a world class training. Our training is divided into different levels and has extensive exercises to build user's courage in use of data.

On site or In person classes

We can train your team on-site or you can join one of our public classes.

We have several public training's scheduled out, so be sure to check out.

Premium Quality
Certified Experts

Quality and professionalism is our core,and therefore our team comprise of qualified and certified trainers in both Tableau prep and Tableau desktop.

We promise you to deliver in all undertakings.

Our training offering

Tableau Basic Training

This courses is designed for the beginner Tableau Desktop user, this course is design to help the learner quickly connect data, build charts and easily combine them in an interactive dashboard. At end of this course the trainee will;

  • Learn how to connect data, edit and save data source.

  • Learn Tableau terminologies.

  • Learn to create powerful visualizations.

  • Learn to create basic calculations.

  • Learn to present data using different visualization types.

  • Learn to build interactive dashboards and sharing insights.

Tableau Advanced Training

This course is designed to equip the learner with the skills required to becoming a Tableau power user. At the end of the course the trainee will;

  • Learn how to build complex charts and visualizations.

  • Learn how to create complex calculations and manipulate data.

  • Learn how to use statistical techniques to analyse data.

  • Learn how to work with parameters.

  • Learn how to use advanced geographic techniques.

  • Learn how to combine data sources using blending.

  • Learn how to use joins and unions.

  • Learn how to use data extracts to improve performance.

  • Learn how to create better dashboards.

Tableau Prep Training

This course is designed to help the learner prepare and shape data in Tableau prep. At the end of the course the learner will;

  • Learn Tableau prep work space and flows

  • Learn data literacy concepts.

  • Learn how to connect and configure data.

  • Learn how to explore, clean, shape and combine data.

  • Learn best practices for data preparation.

  • Learn to create complex flows.

  • Access and participate in an intensive hands on preparation.

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