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Tableau Keyboard Shortcuts

Updated: May 18, 2021

The following are keyboard shortcuts to help you save time when authoring dashboards in Tableau desktop for windows.

Shortcuts for data

Ctrl+D : Used to connect to data source

Ctrl+F : Activates find command in the data pane

F5 : Used to refresh data source

F9 : Used to run data updates on a view

F10 : Used to toggle automatic data updates on and off

Shortcuts for managing workbooks, sheets and files

Ctrl+N : Used to open a new workbook

Ctrl+M : Used to open a new worksheet

Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+F6 or Ctrl+PgDn : Used to cycle forward through open worksheets

Ctrl+Shift+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+F6 or Ctrl+PgUp : Used to cycle backward through open worksheets

F7 or Ctrl+H : Used to switch in and out of presentation mode

Ctrl+O : Used to open a file

Ctrl+S : Used to save file

Ctrl+Shift+S : Used to save file as

F12 : Used to revert workbook to the last saved state

Alt+F4 : Used to close current workbook

Ctrl+P : Used to print

F1 : Used to access help

Shortcuts for resizing rows & columns

Ctrl+B : Used to create smaller cell size

Ctrl+Shift+B : Used to create large cell size

Ctrl+left arrow : Used to make rows narrower

Ctrl+right arrow : Used to make rows wide

Ctrl+down arrow : Used to make columns shorter

Ctrl+up arrow : Used to make columns taller

Shortcuts for authoring views

Ctrl+1 or Ctrl+Shift+1 : Used to reveal the show me tab

Enter or Double-click : Used to add the selected field to the view

Alt+Shift+C or Alt+Shift+Y : Used to place the selected field on the columns shelf

Alt+Shift+R or Alt+Shift+X : Used to place the selected field on the rows shelf

Alt+Shift+F : Used to place the selected field on the filters shelf

Alt+Shift+I : Used to place the selected field on the size shelf

Alt+Shift+L : Used to place the selected field on the detail shelf

Alt+Shift+O : Used to place the selected field on color shelf

Alt+Shift+P : Used to place the selected field on the pages shelf

Alt+Shift+S : Used to place the selected field on the shape shelf

Alt+Shift+T : Used to place the selected field on the text/label shelf

Right-click+drag to shelf : Used to open the drop field menu

Ctrl+drag : Used Copy a field in the view and place it on another shelf

Ctrl+W : Used to swap rows and columns

Ctrl+L : Used to flip orientation of column labels

G : Used to toggle dashboard grid on and off

T : Used to toggle between dashboard and layout tabs

Ctrl+X : Used to cut selection e.g. titles

Ctrl+V : Used to paste clipboard

Ctrl+Z : Used to undo actions performed

Ctrl+Y : Used to redo actions undone

Alt+Shift+Backspace : Used to clear the current workspace

Shortcuts for pages

F4 : Used to start or stop forward playback on the pages shelf

Shift+F4 : Used to start or stop backward playback on the pages shelf

Ctrl+Period : Used to skip forward one page

Ctrl+Comma : Used to skip backward one page

Shortcuts for selecting and navigating marks

Click : Used to select marks

Drag : Used to select a group of marks

Ctrl+Click : Used to add individual mark to the selection

Ctrl+Drag : Used to add a group of marks to the selection

Ctrl+A : Used to select all data

Ctrl+C : Used to copy selected data

ESC : Used to clear mark selection

A : Used to choose rectangular selection tool in maps

D : Used to choose lasso selection tool in maps

S : Used to select radial selection tool in maps

Shift+Drag : Used to pan around the view

Double-click or Ctrl+Shift+Click : Used to zoom into a point in the view

Shift+Double-click : Used to zoom out of the view

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