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Developer’s checklist for dashboard development

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Tableau dashboard's checklist

A short compilation on checklist for data visualization assignment. Does your dashboard exhibit the following?

  1. The dashboard tells a clear story – each part of it connects.

  2. No unneeded visualizations – every element of the viz is aiding the user in interpreting the story.

  3. Users can read and interpret the dashboard without prior knowledge of the viz – the visualization is damn simple.

  4. Space is used efficiently

  5. No unnecessary borders between the visualizations

  6. Abbreviations are used where necessary

  7. Users can understand metrics displayed by the static dashboard without further interaction

  8. Where values are unlabeled due to space constrains, the limitation is clearly recognized

  9. No typos or truncation

  10. Visualizations are well aligned

  11. The dashboard is pleasing

  12. Use of color legend is consistent in the visualizations

  13. Where annotations are used, no hindrance of data interpretation

  14. Title of the dashboard and visualizations is clear and understandable

  15. The dashboard has an information button/icon/menu – providing more details about data used, any action taken on the data before visualization, and further details on how to interact with the viz

  16. The dashboard loads quickly – complex calculations which can slow the dashboard are minimized - as large number of users suffer from short attention span – with no time for slow dashboards.

  17. The display of the published dashboard is well checked and rectified in case of distortion.

These are some of the few elements to check whenever you are developing a dashboard. The applicability can vary from one dashboard to another.

Which of these checklist items do you think is the most important for you? Which one is unnecessary? Which one is missing?

Thank you for reading.

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