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Tableau charts: Highlight tables

Updated: May 17, 2021

Highlight table in tableau


Highlight tables are used to compare categorical data using color. Just like the name suggests, highlight tables adds color highlights for users to read the table more intuitively and effectively.

A good example of a highlight table is in this dashboard on (Visitors to Kenya between 1991-2014)

example of highlight table in tableau

Step by step on how to create a highlight table in Tableau.

In this post you're going to learn how to create a highlight table to explore how Profit varies across product Sub-Category's for different Regions.

  • Connect to Superstores data sets pre-loaded in Tableau app.

  • Drag dimension field Sub-category to the Rows shelf.

  • Drag dimension field Region to the Columns shelf.

  • Drag measure field Profit to the Label tab under Marks cards.

See the resulting Table.

tableau text table

Next, select 'Highlight tables' under the Show Me tab.

Executing above we have.

tableau highlight table multiple measures

Adding some formatting and color adjustments we have.

highlight tables in tableau

From the above table, users can spot at a glance the Regions and Sub-category's recorded profit or loss. For instance, the most profitable Sub-category, copiers in the West Region can be spotted without strain. While the most Unprofitable Sub-category, Tables in East Region can be spotted too.

More statistics like grand totals can also be added by going to Analysis menu >>Totals >> Show Row Grand Totals or Show Column Grand Totals.

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Thanks for reading.

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