• Bernard

Tableau charts: Highlight tables

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

The series, Tableau charts has always focused on one thing, helping Tableau users learn how to create different charts and graphs hence equipping them with different techniques of telling each data story.

Inspired by the mission of this series, in this post you're going to learn how to create a highlight table to explore how Profit varies across Sub-Category's for different Regions.

  • Connect to Superstores data sets pre-loaded in Tableau app.

  • Drag dimension field Sub-category to the Rows shelf.

  • Drag dimension field Region to the Columns shelf.

  • Drag measure field Profit to the Label tab under Marks cards.

See the resulting Table.

Next, select 'Highlight tables' under the Show Me tab.

Executing above we have.

Adding some formatting and color adjustments we have.

From above Table, users can spot at a glance the Regions and Sub-category's recorded Profit or loss. For instance, the most profitable Sub-category Copiers in the West Region can be spotted without strain. While the most Unprofitable Sub-category Tables in East Region can be spotted too.

More statistics like Grand totals can also be added by selecting Analysis >>Totals >> Show Row Grand Totals or Show Column Grand Totals.

I hope this article was helpful to you.

Thanks for reading.


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