Our Framework

Here is a sneak peak at Our Process

When you need extra help to accelerate delivery of analytical content in your organizations in the form of reports and dashboards, Rigor Data Solutions team of experts can be a reliable analytical horsepower. We'll help you deliver your analytical demands within timeline and on budget.

Here is a sneak preview of the process!!!

Work Flow

We begin our assignments by first evaluating the business questions or KPI the client is trying to measure.

This informs on the kind of data and analysis required down the line.

Next, we Identify the data required to answer the business question; access credentials, size of data in terms of rows & megabytes, evaluate whether the whole data or subset of data will be sufficient in answering the business question.

Load data for analysis.

Sometimes data exist in database with poor processing power, for these cases, data can be loaded to a secondary data engine to improve query processing.

Data wrangling.

This would involve cleaning and shaping data in readiness for analysis. Enriching the data source.

Verification of data.

Before analysis can begin, data has to be cross-checked to determine whether it conforms with industry known metrics.

When everything checks well, analysis and generations of reports and dashboards can begin.

PS All our work is created majorly using Tableau tools, and therefore can be delivered to clients in their preferred format. Be it; an interactive dashboard accessible offline, an interactive dashboard accessible online, a PDF document, PowerPoint deck or a PNG file. The choice is yours.

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